Food is not a given to many our our youth and their families in the inner-cites of our country. We will support efforts to bring daily necessities to these organizations.

Every students needs an education. We support organizations that provide educational support to high need urban areas.

We believe that urban youth are our future. We support organizations that develop youth and help them see their value, abilities, and give them hope!

We believe that in the heart of every man is the need to be loved and shown compassion. We support the men and women who provide this care.

We exist to give and serve

We exist to bring change in the lives of those in most need and in poverty. We donate at minimum, 10% of each purchase to help inner-city non-profits, missionaries, and pastors. We have seen so many hard working men and women serving the highest need areas of our world barely making a living. They serve because of their heart and we want to support their mission.

We exist to bring change

Change does not happen unless men and women step up and take action. We are bringing an incredible health benefit, at an affordable price, and we will leverage the finances and business to create change for those in need. The purpose for starting and continuing this business is to produce change! Your purchases help us accomplish this mission.